Research focuses

1,Gene/QTL discovery, allelic mining and molecular breeding for traits of agronomic importance in rice;
Resistances/tolerances to abiotic stresses (drought, salinity, low temperature, etc.);
Resistances to biotic stresses (blast, bacterial blight, sheath blight, brown planthopper, and false smut);
High yield potential, CMS restoration and heterosis.

2,Molecular breeding and trait improvement by QTL pyramiding;
Develop large numbers of introgression line (IL) sets in elite rice genetic backgrounds as the platform for large scale rice molecular breeding;
Establish high-throughput genotyping platform;
Establish the database of the genetic information (positions, effects, closely linked markers, and epistasis, etc) for genes/QTLs affecting important traits in the IL sets;
Develop and apply the theory and software for improving multiple traits by QTL designing and pyramiding.

3,Functional genomics of complex rice traits;
Discovery and functional characterization of genetic and molecular networks underlying drought and salinity tolerances in rice;
Cloning and functional analyses of important genes/QTLs affecting drought and salinity tolerances in rice;
Genetic and molecular dissection of the interaction between rice and its pathogens.

Organization of the Molecular Breeding Network

Technical Component of the Molecular Breeding Network

Scheme of the Molecular Breeding Network

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